Sunday, August 22, 2010

Growin Up Years V

Above: The historic Crystal Theatre on Second Avenue of Flandreau, South Dakota was built in 1913.

We lived on a farm 18 miles north of Flandreau, SD.

We would have to go about 3/4 mile to catch the bus to go to high school in town. Now mind you our road was a dirt road and you can guess what that was like when it was wet.

We would have to get home to feed the animals. We didn't mind doing that as we got to know them pretty well. We had a name for each of them.

We had a pet pig that when he was a baby his mother accidently laid on him and broke his back. He would come to our back door and would squeal loudly to get us to come out and play with him. I don't think he even realized that he was a pig as he acted more like a dog.

We finally had to sell him as he was getting to big and it was getting harder for him to get around. We took the money we got from him and bought 2 lambs. We raised them and sold them and then got our bicycle.

Us girls would also sell Gurney Garden Seeds in the spring. That was fun as everyone seemed to be happy that we stopped by.

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