Saturday, July 10, 2010

Growing Up Years IV

Hello again, it's just Grandma putting some more info into my blog.

You know that when you reach my age you're absent minded and a little slow on the trigger!! (LOL) It's good I'm still able to laugh. I always say aahh ouch when I get up in the morning. You see my old bones just don't like to co-operate.

So much for that, let's get down to business.

What would you do if you were like my sister and me when we first came to South Dakota?

We had never heard the crack of lightening and the bang of thunder (as they say: "It's only God in Heaven bowling and the angels cracking the whip"). We were scared to death and dove under the bed. That seemed to be a safe place although when you think about it: How safe could that have been as if God were to throw a planet at us how could that bed keep us safe? Oh well, maybe he would've broke his arm and couldn't throw.

Do you realize how big this world and everything in it appears to a young child?

It's HUGE!!

One time my sister was riding a horse and I a bicycle and we took off up the road and as we neared the intersection we could hear what sounded like baby kittens sooooo we decided to investigate and we did find some "kittens".

We took the "kittens" home to mom as we didn't see the mother so we thought that they had been abandoned and we felt sorry for them. Mom took one look and told us to get them out of the house and get back into the house and get our clothes off as we had to take a bath as we STUNK. You see the kitties were baby civet cats (they are really a spotted skunk). Even though they weren't very old yet their stinker worked just fine.

Here's a link about "civet cats" in South Dakota:

And here is what Wikipedia has to say about them:

Until next time - God bless you all!!

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